Terms and conditions


  1. Compounds listed in our catalog on this website are designed to be used as "Analytical Reference Standards" and cost of generating a Certificate of Analysis with accompanying copies of supporting analytical data is included in the price listed.
  2. All compounds provided are for research & development (R&D) use only. Not for drug, food, or household use. Not for human use or consumption.
  3. The potency listed on each Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is based on the analytical data that is included.  Any impurities that were not detected by the analysis used, even if present, are not accounted for in the potency value,  except in the case where potency was determined by "Quantitative Proton NMR" (Q-NMR).   
  4. Potency values determined for solutions using our custom Q-NMR methods is more accurate that those determined for powders since the primary error from weighing is significantly minimized.


  1. Sponsor acknowledges that Chemtos, LLC and/or its affiliates (hereafter and together referenced as “Chemtos”) performs various chemistry related activities including, but not limited to, the following: Drug Discovery Services, Synthetic Chemistry, Structural Chemistry, Analytical Services, Chemistry Consulting (together, the “Services”).
  2. Nothing in any proposal we provide is intended to grant any rights to Chemtos under any patent, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual property right based on any information that you provided to us.
  3. All compounds provided are for research & development (R&D) use only. Not for drug, food, or household use. Not for human use or consumption.
  4. Compounds listed as "in-stock" are in-stock at the time of quote but availability is not guaranteed.


  1. Chemtos is not an insurer or a guarantor. Chemtos represents that the Services shall be performed within the limits mutually agreed to, in writing, and in a manner consistent with the level of care and skill ordinarily exercised by providers of similar services under similar circumstances. No other representations or warranties, express or implied, are included or intended in this agreement, or in any report, opinion or document related to the Services provided hereunder.
  2. For the safety of Chemtos’s personnel, Sponsor must advise Chemtos of any known potential hazards of the intermediates or target molecules.
  3. Sponsor agrees that if Chemtos should be found liable for any losses or damages attributable to the Services in any respect, Chemtos’s liability shall in no event exceed the amount of the fee paid by Sponsor for such Services and Sponsor’s sole remedy at law or in equity shall be the right to recover up to such amount. Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that in no event will Chemtos be liable for consequential or incidental damages or expenses, including, but not limited to lost profits.
  4. Whenever performance by either party is delayed or prevented by war, insurrection, fire or other casualty, strikes or embargoes, shortage of transportation facilities or any other similar or dissimilar causes, beyond the control of such party, such delay or prevention shall be excused and the time of performance hereunder extended for the duration of the causative factor.
  5. If Sponsor requests a target compound that is unstable, Sponsor is still liable for payment of Services.


  1. Sponsor agrees to pay all invoices within 30 days of invoice date. All payments must be in US Dollars. Sponsor will not be invoiced unless the compound is delivered by Chemtos except where a deposit is required or Chemtos specifies otherwise.
  2. Chemtos reserves the right to request a refundable deposit prior to the start of a project.
  3. A Finance Charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) or a minimum charge of $1.00 will be added to all invoices past due based on existing credit terms.


  1. Chemtos takes great care in providing quality services and products. Sponsor must notify Chemtos within 20 US business days after the product has been received or product shall be deemed to have been accepted.


  1. Should an error occur in any quote provided by Chemtos, Chemtos reserves the right to correct the error without liability.
  2. A project or order cannot be cancelled once the project or order has been submitted to Chemtos. If a cancellation occurs, Sponsor agrees to pay for reasonable costs incurred by Chemtos, including but not limited to materials and labor, plus a penalty of 25% of the project or order amount.
  3. Quoted timelines are estimates only. Due to the unpredictibility of chemistry, actual timelines may vary.
  4. Quotes are valid for 180 days from the quote date.
  5. This agreement and any and all claims and disputes hereunder or related thereto shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas. Chemtos and Sponsor agree that exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any and all such claims and disputes shall be in Travis County, Texas.
  6. In the event that Chemtos prevails in any dispute or claim, Sponsor agrees that Sponsor will pay any and all expenses, including attorney’s fees, reasonably incurred in the prosecution or defense of such claim or dispute.
  7. Chemtos reserves the right to update Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.

Revised November 2017